How do I get building permits?

The Town of Clayton Engineering and Inspections Department is where you can get most Town permits. You can contact Engineering and Inspections at:
111 E 2nd Street
Clayton, NC 27520
Phone: 919-553-5002
Fax: 919-553-1720

Often, the first step to getting a Building Permit is a Zoning Compliance Permit to ensure the proposed work meets the requirement of the Unified Development Code. If this is the case, you'll need to apply for a Zoning Compliance Permit before any building permits can be issued. Visit the Planning Department Permits and Applications page to learn more.

Remember!! If applying for both a Zoning Compliance and a Building Permit, turn in the applications at the same time to the Planning Department. Then, when the Zoning Compliance Permit is approved, staff will pass on the Building Permit application and a copy of your Approval to the Building and Inspections Department. This saves you time!

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