Town Plans

Comprehensive Growth Plan

Our Comprehensive Plan 2045 is the Town of Clayton's statement of how we want to grow and develop. The plan guides where and how private development should occur. It guides how the Town should provide public facilities and services to support future growth. The plan is long range in scope, focusing on the ultimate needs of the community rather than the pressing concerns of today.

The environment, our small-town charm, our unique character and the quality of our developments are vital to the quality of life in Clayton. All of those priorities were intentionally incorporated into our Town's Comprehensive Growth Plan.

For more information, view the Comprehensive Plan Report (PDF).

Clayton Downtown Master Plan

The Downtown Master Plan (PDF) directs the design of buildings and sites within the Central Business District (B-1), in compliance with the Town's Unified Development Code and Strategic Growth Plan while adding consistency and predictability to the permit review process. Proposed developments within the Central Business District are encouraged to incorporate design elements that contribute to the unique sense of character of Downtown Clayton which serves as the social and cultural hub of the Town.

Clayton Pedestrian Plan

The 2022 Clayton Pedestrian Plan builds on past efforts and creates a new vision for walking throughout Town. The plan will be used by the Town of Clayton to prioritize, fund, and implement high-quality infrastructure, high-impact programs, and supportive policies for walking.

Clayton General Design Guidelines

Clayton's General Design Guidelines (PDF) seek to identify elements of good design, which enhance the appearance of the town and make it more livable. General guidelines are applied to development along with specific regulations set forth in the Unified Development Code to clarify the visual aspects of the built environment as it relates to residential and economic development objectives in a way that is sensitive to the areas scale and character. It should be noted that the design guidelines do not prescribe specific architectural styles or images, require direct imitation of the past, or encourage radical departure from the existing design context as there are many appropriate design considerations to a given situation. These guidelines are most concerned whether a project or site plan is in context/character with its surroundings, patterns and rhythms with a design that will contribute to the quality of the Town.

JCMH / NC Highway 42 Small Area Plan

This Small Area Plan (PDF) that provides a vision for the responsible and well-planned development concentrated around the NC 42 Highway West and U.S. 70 Highway Bypass intersection. The Plan contemplates a new growth corridor of 520 acres around the intersection of those highways and the Johnston County Memorial Hospital (JCMH) facility. The area is growing as a key destination for large retailers, all levels of eating establishments, housing at various densities, and ancillary medical office space. Developers and owners of property along this corridor should review this plan for guidance.

Parks & Recreation Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Clayton Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan (PDF) helps us maintain the Town's recreation facilities and provides programs that promote active living for all ages. In 2013, the Town updated the Parks and Recreation Master Plan in an effort to inventory existing facilities and programs, as well as identify needs of the growing community. The Recreation Advisory Committee initiated this process by defining a vision and goals. The Plan identifies recreational needs, determines if they are currently being met, and establishes a plan of action to meet recreation needs.

Comprehensive Bicycle Plan

The Town of Clayton Comprehensive Bicycle Plan (PDF) identifies long and short-range project and program priorities by integrating bicycle planning with other state, regional including recommendations for projects, policies, funding, staffing/committees, local ordinances, and program initiatives.

Johnston County Comprehensive Transportation Plan

Adopted in 2012, the Johnston County Comprehensive Transportation Plan (PDF) identified long-term priorities for updating the County's transportation system. The suggested improvements for the Town of Clayton and all of Johnston County are included, and are used as one component to determine what local transportation projects eventually get funded. It is not however intended to be a definitive listing of projects to be built. The plan is "multi-modal," addressing needed highway, rail, and pedestrian improvements.

Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

This plan is the guiding documents for future investments in roads, transit services, bicycle and pedestrian facilities and related transportation activities and services to match the growth expected in the Research Triangle Region. Visit the CAMPO website for more information.